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I'm on a mission to help busy people feel brilliant so they can perform at their best in every area of life that matters to them.

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Are you hurtling towards burnout or propelling towards resilience? 

Burnout is a very real and dangerous risk to busy and hard-working professionals. No one is immune!

There are a number of warning signs to look out for, and simple but powerful tactics to prevent yourself from slipping towards it and moving towards sustainable resilience.

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We all need to be well to do well.

Unhealthy lifestyles are having a debilitating impact on our lives, families,  businesses and communities.

We're stressed, sleep-deprived, time-deprived, drinking and eating too much bad stuff and not enough good stuff, sedentary, with soaring blood pressure and careering towards burnout. 

Not only is this making us feel exhausted, sluggish and stopping us from living our lives to our full potential, it's putting us at serious risk of long-term chronic disease. In fact...

80% of chronic diseases are caused by our lifestyle.

How well we look after ourselves is something we can all work on, but lifestyle behaviour change is HARD. Which is why diets rarely work and New Year's Resolutions usually fizzle out within weeks.



Until now.

I work with busy people who are determined to better look after themselves, achieve more and perform better, but have struggled to make sustainable changes in the past. 

Despite previous failed attempts at behaviour change, this time it's different.

This time it's building a lifestyle you love, one that you enjoy and embrace and one that makes you feel bloody fantastic, today, tomorrow, and for years and decades to come. 


If not now, when?

Our futures are determined by our actions today.

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Who I love working with 

Forward-thinking organisations that know full well the personal and business risks of their leaders and teams hitting burnout and/or chronic disease.

They want their people to better look after themselves - not only so they can help keep themselves healthy, but so they can perform at their best in all areas of their world.

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Busy people fed up of poor sleep, high stress levels, weight issues, lack of energy and determined to change. For themselves and for those they love.

They want to feel better now, to find (or rediscover) their A-game and live to their full potential, and they want to live happily and healthily to a ripe old age.

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The 30-Day Reset

My online course that will change
your approach to your health and wellness and get you the results you want, for good.

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 Bespoke 1:1 coaching

Bespoke 1:1 coaching packages and support taking you from where you are now to where you want to be.

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Corporate packages

Help your people transform their own wellbeing and resilience - for their benefit, and the business's.

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Hi! I’m Rachael, your Health and Wellness coach, partner, cheerleader and champion.


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