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Hi, I’m Rach...
your health, wellness and resilience coach, consultant,
champion and cheerleader.

After years (OK, decades) of burning the candle at both ends working in Government and with Corporates, I retrained as a health and wellness coach and now support busy people and organisations who know that health, happiness and resilience are our most precious commodities.

Through coaching, mentoring and training I take my clients through my tried-and-tested systematic behaviour change framework. 

The result? 

They're equipped with simple but alarmingly effective tools and techniques at their disposal to make positive, sustainable changes to their lifestyle. Not only does this improve how they feel in the short term, it sets them on the path to a long, happy and healthy life for years and decades to come.

My approach?

Simple but powerful tactics that will revolutionise how people feel and live.

All underpinned by my systematic behaviour change framework, The Reset Method.

Here's what you can expect from working with me...

Are you ready?

Our future is determined by our actions today.

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