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Are your people 
careering to burnout or 
propelling to resilience?


How we live is having a crippling impact on business performance

Exhausted, burnt out, unmotivated, low resilient, lethargic, 'wired and tired' leaders and teams are leading to snowballing absence rates and healthcare costs, and are killing morale, productivity and profits.

It's clear to see the impact this is having on business:

In 2019 alone UK businesses lost almost £92 million to poor health.

And it's not just the business that suffers... when someone isn't looking after themselves - whether that's low resilience, insufficient sleep, high stress, poor nutrition, low mobility or connection - their families, communities and wider society all miss out. 

In particular, burnt out, run-down, detached leaders have a huge knock-on effect across all areas of the business, both from a people and an operational perspective.

It's a colossal risk to businesses the world over.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Resilience and wellbeing is something we can change.

And the benefits are immense.

You can create a energised, engaged, resilient and thriving workforce

All too often, corporate health and wellbeing is reactive rather than preventative - trying to tackle a problem once it has appeared, rather than avoiding the problem in the first place.

Not only does this send healthcare costs and absence rates through the roof, it does little to empower people to establish a healthy lifestyle that will benefit them, their family and the business both now and in the long term. 

What if we took your leaders and teams from the brink of burnout or chronic disease to thriving and resilient?

What if they were focused, creative and motivated for the months and years to come?

What if you could create a culture of sustained wellness, with an energised and productive workforce who performed at their best?

Ways we can work together

Health, Wellbeing & Resilience Consultancy

Helping you to create and align your wellbeing strategy to organisational objectives, gain senior buy-in & develop wellbeing comms aligned to your wider comms strategy to drive ROI.

1:1 Health & Resilience Coaching

An unhealthy, run-down leader or exec has a devastating impact from both an operational and people perspective. I work 1:1 to rapidly improve how well they look after themselves for the benefit of all.

Team Health & Resilience Coaching

A healthy team is a successful team. 
In our group programme we delve into the key areas of wellness and resilience to radically improve teams' health, energy, motivation and productivity. 

All-staff Events and Masterclasses

The Masterclass Series is your pick of three all-staff sessions and The Reset Day is a bespoke day of masterclasses and practical sessions. All tailored to your people's most pressing needs - designed for you, with you.

Yoga, stretching and relaxation classes

Yoga is proven to relieve stress, strengthen muscles and bones and improve posture. I teach face to face and online as a standalone yoga package and as part of a wider corporate programme. 

The time for change is now

Leaders and teams have undergone unparallelled upheaval in recent years.

They will need resilience and good health to power them through the coming months and years.

Let's do this

So much has changed thanks to Rachael’s coaching.

I sleep better, I drink less, I exercise more, I’ve lost weight, I have more energy, I manage my time better and am more productive.

With Rachael’s coaching, I know I’m brilliantly placed to tackle whatever life throws at me.


It's been an absolute pleasure working with Rachael.

She has delivered some brilliantly insightful sessions for us, helping our team members to focus on their health and wellbeing.

We’ve had great feedback from our team members who have enjoyed and benefitted from Rachael’s sessions immensely.